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1st time Consultation fee with our lady doctors – Dr Grace Ling / Dr Lim Luping $60

Your journey with us starts with the all important first time detailed 30 min consultation with Dr Grace Ling / Dr Lim Luping. During the consultation, we will :

  1. Discuss your aesthetic needs, concerns and expectations
  2. Find out your previous medical / surgical history and any drug allergy or skin allergies
  3. Understand your preferences, lifestyle, schedule and budget
  4. Review previous medications / skin care / treatments at salons or clinics
  5.  Design a customised and holistic treatment plan for your unique aesthetics needs.

We look forward to journey with you in transforming your skin and body 🙂 Whatsapp or call us at 87263383 to schedule your appointment.

Combi 2-in-1 Laser Therapy - Deep Collagen Stimulation/Scars/ Acne/ Pigment/ Pores


Get the benefits of dual (2-in-1) Korean laser therapy in one setting!
[Neocollagen Laser] – deep dermal stimulation of collagen remodelling
+ [Toning Laser] – stimulate surface cell renewal / improves skin clarity & radiance /brightens skin / lightens pigmentation/ reduces excessive oil production
Minimally invasive and no downtime. Lunchtime treatment.

Combi Laser 40 sessions (20 Neocollagen + 20 Toning Laser) – for face & eye @$2888
Add-on Combi Laser neck $60 per session

Lunchtime Express Laser Medi-Facial - for Pimples/ Pores/ Pigment/Skin Brightening/ Radiance

For those looking for affordable beauty options, check out our quickie doctor Laser Facial using Korean technology for Pimples, Pores & Pigments! Get a facial done during lunch in under 15 minutes – just how cool can that get!
Rejuvenates skin and stimulates collagen resulting in glowing, radiant, brighter and clearer skin!
The perfect Lunchtime Medi-Facial. Quick, effective, no downtime.

Additional benefits of this Laser Medi-Facial : photorejuvenation, reduces clog pores, stimulate skin cell turnover resulting in cleaner, clearer and brighter skin
Express Laser Medi-Facial Program (face + eye) 20 sessions @$1888 *Best Value

Acne / Scar Reduction/ Pore Reduction Treatment

Latest effective acne scarIsraeli VENUS VIVA NanoFractional RF – Minimal downtime, maximal results

The new Gold standard in treating acne scars!

Scar Reduction Program 

5 Venus Viva nano-fractional RF + 5 Korean D Cell [healing, scar remodelling] + 5 Transdermal HA (healing) penetration $2888

Safe, fast, effective skin regeneration for deep and depressed acne scar treatment & minimizing pores.

For those who prefer even lesser downtime, we highly recommend our game-changing Korean Rejuran Acne Scar Healer Program

Combi 2-in-1 Laser Acne and Scar Treatment Program – 40 sessions @$2888 (20 sessions of Neocollagen Laser + 20 sessions of Acne Toning Laser)  

Venus Pore Reduction Program 5 sessions @$2888
Scar Subcision – 3 sessions @$750

Acne Light Therapy – 20 sessions @$1388
Hydra Acne Peel ( suitable for acne/ clogged pores) – (using Korean technology) -10 sessions @$888
Acne Improvement Therapy (customised acne medical facial) 60min – 10 sessions @$1288












Stretch Mark Removal

Signature Stretch Mark Treatment Program

We treat stretch marks using Israeli’s Nano-fractional RF technology – Venus Viva (USA FDA-approved, Europe CE-approved, Singapore HSA-approved). Quick, pain-free and minimal downtime.

[Stretch Mark Reduction Program 1.1] @ $3888 

4 Venus Viva Nano-Fractional RF + 4 transdermal Korean PDRN Cell Therapy (for stretch mark healing and repair)

Non Surgical Face Lift - HIFU

Affordable Non-surgical face lift – minimal downtime. Lunchtime procedure.

[HIFU] High Intensity Frequency Ultrasound – Korean Technology – Jawline / Cheeks/ Eyes/ Upper face – each part @$700 NEW! Package of 3 areas, package of 6 areas (Whatsapp us at 87263383 for the package price)




[Signature Treatments] – Powerful Israeli technology

Viva Venus Diamond Polar RF Face Lift – 10 sessions @$1500
Viva Venus Diamond Polar RF Neck Lift – 10 sessions @$1200

[HIFU +Diamond Polar RF] Double Chin & Jaw Slimming Therapy 3HIFU + 3 Diamond Polar RF $2000 NEW!




*Latest* Venus Viva NanoFractional RF for textural smoothness of facial complexion – [5 Venus Viva Nanofractional RF + 5 Dcell PDRN Therapy + 5 Transdermal Penetration of HA]  @$2888 
*Latest* Skin Lift Facial with Venus Viva Diamond Polar for skin rejuvenation, reduction of wrinkles and skin lifting & tightening – 10 sessions @$1888

Signature Eye Treatments - for drooping eyelids / dark eye circles/ crowfeet

Signature Eye Therapy 

Israeli Venus Diamond Polar RF Eye Therapy (For dark eye circles, eye wrinkles, drooping eyelids) 10 sessions @$1200

HIFU EyeLift – 3 sessions $1800 or 6 sessions. Whatsapp us at 87263383 for package prices

Back Treatments - for blemishes / acne marks/ pigmentation

Laser Back for Acne / blemishes / marks – 10 sessions @$2500

Aqua Peel Back (suitable for acne/ remove blemishes/ pigment) 6 sessions @$1500

Skin Boosters / Botox / Fillers / Peels
K-Beauty is in vogue!  Aqua Booster ( Korean Skin boosters) 4 sessions @ $1500

Rejuran Healer Injections – PDRN treatment from Korean with salmon DNA extracts to restore youthfulness in skin / natural filler/ stimulate self healing and remodelling of collagen – 4 vials of 2ml @ $2888 including 1 Skin Laser Toning + 1 Neocollagen Laser

Aqua Shine Program 3 session @$1800

Botulinium Injections (Botox/ Dysport) for Frown lines ($250 upwards) , Crow’s feet ($400upwards) , Forehead wrinkles ($250 upwards), V-face ($750 upwards)
Mint DermaLift (upper / lower face)  from $300
HA Fillers for Chin augmentation, Apple cheeks ($800 upwards)

Hydra Clear Peel (Korean pneumatic technology) 10 sessions @$888
Chemical peels $250

Slimming / Body Shaping / Cellulite Treatment

Frustrated over the areas of stubborn fats, cellulite and sagging skin on
your body which are resistent to diet and exercise?
A patented CORE technology from Israel.
VIORA POWER SHAPE Program of 10 sessions @$2800

Fat Reduction
Cellulite Reduction
Inch loss
Stretch Marks Reduction
Skin Tightening for sagging skin (post-natal or post-weight loss)

YES! I want to celebrate new glow and radiance! I need help for my aesthetics concerns. Please contact me :

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