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Dark eye circles are a frequent complaint we encounter especially among our patients who have packed and busy schedules. Patients frequently lack sleep or are unable to achieve good quality sleep. This results in the eyes showing the strain giving them the “tired” and “lack-lustre” look.  Aging, is of course. another factor that can aggravate dark eye circles.

Majority of the patients we encounter are looking for an affordable, non-invasive and needle-free treatment that can remove dark eye circles.

Our dark eye treatment solution is a relaxing yet targeted [Eye Detox Therapy] that has satisfied our patients!


Combining an Israeli-Korean Fusion approach, we harness the best methodologies of the east and west.

Get your 1st time treatment of [Eye Detox Therapy] @$99

1x Israeli Magnetic Pulse RF Eye Treatment

1x Korean Lymphatic Drainage of Face

1x Eye Brightening Ampoule

Key Benefits :

  1. Stimulate lymphatic drainage of eye and face: brighter skin with less toxins
  2. Targeted Stimulation of blood circulation around undereye : skin rejuvenation and reduction of dark eye circles
  3. Skin Tightening around eye area : reduce lines and wrinkles

To start your own dark eye circle treatment journey with us, do not hestitate to whatsapp us at 87263383 to book an appointment with our lady doctors, Dr Grace Ling or Dr Lim Luping. We look forward to meet you to have a detailed analysis of your dark eye circle and design a customised treatment plan suitable for your needs, concerns, budget and schedule!

What causes dark eye circles?

There are various causes that can result in dark eye circles. Some of the very common causes among our patients are :

  1. Fatigue / Lack of good quality sleep
  2. Stress
  3. Age
  4. Eye Strain – especially from frequently use of devices
  5. Allergies – especially those associated with allergic rhinitis and sinusitis

Other causes can include :

  • Dehydration
  • Over sunexposure
  • Genetic predisposition
How does the Eye Detox Therapy work?
  1. Israeli medical aesthetics technology using magnetic pulse RF to stimulate circulate and blood flow, improve lymphatic drainage and detox the eye area. Additional benefits include skin tightening around eye with collagen stimulation and wrinkle reduction
  2. Korean Lymphatic Drainage for entire face by skill therapists to flush out toxins
  3. Eye Brightening ampoule to enhance skin brightening effect under the eye
What are the treatments available to treat dark eye circles?

Our ST Dark Eye Circle Therapy using Israeli technology can reduce the appearance of dark eye circles. It uses a powerful bi-polar RF technology to tighten the skin, reduce wrinkle depth, stimulate blood circulation and collagen production. It can also help to lift drooping lids due to aging.

Venus Diamond Polar RF is another treatment that is non-invasive, comfortable and effective for treatment of dark eye circles and wrinkles. It stimulates collagen and improves blood circulation. When treatment is done regularly it can help lift drooping eyelids.

For those with mild to moderate eyebags, appropriate fillers to the tear trough and areas under the eyes is able to reduce the dark eye circles and correct the volume loss below the eyebags, thus improving the appearance of the lower eyelids.

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