Acne Scar Treatment Singapore with Shorter Downtime

Acne scars are a result of blemishes left behind when acne subside. These blemishes stay on the skin and may fade with time, but leave marks that cannot be healed. However, they can be treated successfully with Mint Medical Aesthetics’ Acne scar Program.

Our friendly and experienced lady doctors personalise the program to fit each client’s needs and skin. Our patient-centred and individualised approach ensures that our pimple scar treatment will bring out the best in one’s skin.

Common acne scars noted are

1)      Ice-pick scars – they are deep, small pits

2)      Rolling scars – broad with sloping edges

3)      Box scars – deep with straight edges

4)      Atrophic scars – depression of the skin


Generally most patients have a combination of these scars.

At Mint Medical Aesthetics, our solution to acne scars is the revolutionary Nanofractional RF Venus Viva for resurfacing the skin.

What is Nanofractical RF?

This patented Israeli Technology is touted as the Gold standard for treatment of acne scars with excellent results and minimal downtime. While a lot of acne treatments leave your face red and irritated for days after, this new technology greatly reduces this downtime.

Other benefits of using Nanofractical RF:

–       Smoothening of acne scars

–       Minimizes enlarged pores

–       Reduction of lines and wrinkles

–       Firmer skin texture

Depending on the severity of the acne scars, our trained doctors may advise you to combine the Nanofractional RF with other modes of treatment for even better and improved results. Here at Mint Medical Aesthetics, we combine treatments that complement one another in order to shorten the time and improve the effectiveness of the program for your skin.

For example, Subcision is combined with Nanofractional RF if there are deep rolling scars or atrophic scars. Subcision is a treatment that releases the fibrous bands which tether the skin and are the cause behind the facial depression. This releases the scar bands and lifts the depressed area. Subcision also stimulates collagen formation improving scaring and skin firming.

Another option is to inject fillers into depressed scars or atrophic areas. This lifts the scars and fills the hollows instantly.

Our clients have also benefited from laser toning treatment, which aids collagen stimulation, minimizes pores, reduces the post-acne hyperpigmentation and controls acne.

Regardless of your skin needs or your schedule, our dedicated team of doctors and assistants at Mint Medical Aesthetics will provide you with the perfect pimple scar treatment program to fit into your daily life. We listen to all our client’s preferences and needs and recommend the best treatments that can let them achieve the skin they want, in the way they want.

Text 8726 3383 or email to find out more about this service, or to arrange for a personal consultation with our friendly doctors!

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