Aesthetic Services and Prices


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1st time Consultation with our lady doctors $55

(30 min consult time)
Subsequent consultation waived for patients with package
Treatments are customized to suit your personal needs

Express Laser Package - Pimples/ Pores/ Pigment/Skin Brightening & Radiance

Best Seller

An affordable quickie doctor Laser Facial using Korean technology for Pimples, Pores & Pigments!
Rejuvenates skin and stimulates collagen resulting in glowing, radiant, brighter and clearer skin!
Quick, effective, no downtime.
Fits perfectly into your lunchtime schedule.

Treats Melasma, Acne, Aging skin, Photorejuvenation
Program of Express Korean Laser (face + eye) 20 sessions @$1688 *Best Value
Add-on neck laser $20
Add-on Whitening/ Hydrating/ Rejuvenating Mask $10
Add-on Eye massage $22
Add-on Diamond Polar RF (Israeli) Face $150 Eye $88 Neck $88
Add-on Pigment Laser $150

Combi 2-in-1 Laser Therapy - Deep Collagen Stimulation/Scars/ Acne/ Pigment/ Pores

Get the benefits of dual (2-in-1) Korean laser therapy in one setting!
[Neocollagen Laser] – deep dermal stimulation of collagen remodelling
+ [Toning Laser] – stimulate surface cell renewal / improves skin clarity & radiance /brightens skin / lightens pigmentation/ reduces excessive oil production
Minimally invasive and no downtime. Lunchtime treatment.

Combi Laser 40 sessions (20 Neocollagen + 20 Toning Laser) – for face & eye @$2399
Add-on Combi Laser neck $60 per session

Acne / Scar Reduction/ Pore Reduction Treatment

Latest effective acne scarIsraeli VENUS VIVA NanoFractional RF – Minimal downtime, maximal results

The new Gold standard in treating acne scars!

Scar Reduction Program 

5 Venus Viva nano-fractional RF + 5 Korean D Cell [healing, scar remodelling] + 5 Transdermal HA (healing) penetration $2888

Safe, fast, effective skin regeneration for deep and depressed acne scar treatment & minimizing pores.

Venus Pore Reduction Program 5 sessions @$2888
Scar Subcision – 3 sessions @$600
Laser Scar Treatment Program – 20 sessions @$1688
Acne Light Therapy – 20 sessions @$1388
Hydra Acne Peel ( suitable for acne/ clogged pores) – (using Korean technology) -10 sessions @$888
Acne Improvement Therapy (customised acne medical facial) 60min – 10 sessions @$1288

AquaShine Program 6 sessions @$3000 for acne scars












Non Surgical Face Lift - HIFU

Affordable Non-surgical face lift – minimal downtime. Lunchtime procedure.

[HIFU] High Intensity Frequency Ultrasound – Korean Technology – Jawline / Cheeks/ Eyes/ Upper face – each part @$600 upwards NEW! 

[Signature Treatments] – Powerful Israeli technology

Viva Venus Diamond Polar RF Face Lift – 10 sessions @$1500
Viva Venus Diamond Polar RF Neck Lift – 10 sessions @$1200

[HIFU +Diamond Polar RF] Double Chin & Jaw Slimming Therapy 3HIFU + 3 Diamond Polar RF $2000 NEW!

*Latest* Venus Viva NanoFractional RF for textural smoothness of facial complexion – [5 Venus Viva Nanofractional RF + 5 Dcell PDRN Therapy + 5 Transdermal Penetration of HA]  @$2888 
*Latest* Skin Lift Facial with Venus Viva Diamond Polar for skin rejuvenation, reduction of wrinkles and skin lifting & tightening – 10 sessions @$1888

Signature Eye Treatments - for drooping eyelids / dark eye circles/ crowfeet

Signature Eye Therapy 

Israeli Venus Diamond Polar RF Eye Therapy (For dark eye circles, eye wrinkles, drooping eyelids) 10 sessions @$1200

HIFU EyeLift – 3 sessions $1800 

Back Treatments - for blemishes / acne marks/ pigmentation

Laser Back for Acne / blemishes / marks – 10 sessions @$2288

Aqua Peel Back ( suitable for acne/ remove blemishes/ pigment) 6 sessions @$1500

Skin Boosters / Botox / Fillers / Peels
K-Beauty is in vogue!  Aqua Booster ( Korean Skin boosters) $350 upwards

Rejuran Healer Injections – PDRN treatment from Korean from salmon DNA to restore youthfulness in skin / natural filler/ stimulate self healing and remodelling of collagen – $800 upwards

Botulinium Injections (Botox/ Dysport) for Frown lines ($250 upwards) , Crow’s feet ($400) , Forehead wrinkles ($250 upwards), V-face ($750 upwards)
Mint DermaLift ( upper / lower face)  from $500
HA Fillers for Chin augmentation, Apple cheeks ($800 upwards)
HydraGlow Program [series of hyaluronic acid injections for glowing dewy skin] (3 x @$1800)
Aqua Shine Programme (3 x @ $1800)
ClearLight Therapy with E-light – program of 20 sessions @$1388
Hydra Clear Peel (Korean technology) 10 sessions @$888
Chemical peels $120

Stretch Marks / Slimming / Body Shaping / Cellulite Treatment

stretch marks[Signature Stretch Mark Treatment]
VENUS VIVA Fractional RF for Stretch marks reduction and tightening
Venus Stretch Mark Program 10 sessions @$4999

Frustrated over the areas of stubborn fats, cellulite and sagging skin on
your body which are resistent to diet and exercise?
Latest state-of-the-art patented CORE technology from Israel.
VIORA POWER SHAPE Program of 10 sessions @$2800

Fat Reduction
Cellulite Reduction
Inch loss
Stretch Marks Reduction
Skin Tightening for sagging skin (post-natal or post-weight loss)