With advancement of technology in medical aesthetics, looking naturally youthful is within your reach! Prior to the entry of modern devices, a lady would have to visit her plastic surgeon and subject herself to a surgical facelift which is drastic, costly, with prolong healing time, possible side effects of anaesthesia and surgical danger, and…. unpredictable results.

Now with HIFU, ladies can achieve their desired feminine Korean V face with no downtime and no injections! The results are long-lasting and natural.

HIFU is the current trend for non-surgical facelift, aging, wrinkles, facial lines, saggy face, droopy brows and eyelids can be erased with no downtime through a very safe procedure, attaining natural results of youthfulness with high levels of satisfaction. You can expect to erase years off your face and it will be your hidden secret!

We at Mint Medical Aesthetics are thrilled to offer you our HIFU technology which is your ultimate solution to your facial wrinkles, lines, and sagging skin. Our HIFU coupled with our treatment protocols which have been fine-tuned to produce safe, excellent and predictable lifting and firming results to your skin. Discover a renewed confidence and attractiveness as a woman today!

What is HIFU?

HIFU stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. This is a quantum leap in technology harnessing focused Ultrasound heat energy to lift and tighten the facial and neck skin.
It is the latest non-invasive medical technology that has transformed how facelifts are performed today! HIFU is designed to perform non-invasive facelifts which are non-invasive with minimal downtime, maximum results and high safety profile.

How does HIFU work?

HIFU accurately targets the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System(SMAS), deeper and superficial layers of the skin. This safe treatment protects the superficial skin layer(epidermis) while allowing deep and uniform penetration of heat into the skin at various depths of 4.5mm, 3.0mm and 1.5mm to stimulate collagen tightening, thickening & remodelling, and collagen formation. This progressively leads to a firm scaffolding matrix in the SMAS resulting in facial tightening, lifting and firming. This device also melts unwanted fat and is suitable for reducing double chin and lower face fats.

What can HIFU treat?

  • For the ideal feminine Korean V face
  • Saggy cheeks with obvious nasolabial folds
  • Droopy eyebrows and eyelids
  • Jawline Slimming – More defined jawline
  • Saggy jawline(Jowls) & double chin
  • Neck lines and sag
  • Wrinkles and lines
    Areas suitable for treatments are the forehead, temples, mid and lower face, jawline and neck.
    The most popular treatment area is the face.
Am I suitable?

Patients who desire the lifted V face, those in their 30s to 50s are most suitable for this treatment. They would have noticed gradual sag in their cheeks, jawline and eyelids. These candidates achieve the most satisfactory results with HIFU treatments.

Patients in their 60s will benefit from HIFU treatments if they do not have significant laxity of their skin.

Patients who have had previous surgical facelift and desire to maintain skin tautness.

During the consultation with our experienced doctors, they will assess your condition, ascertain that you are suitable for HIFU and recommend a personalised treatment protocol. Other complementary treatments maybe recommended to synergistically enhance your face.

How long is the treatment session?

Each treatment session lasts 30 to 60 minutes depending on the size of the area to be treated.

What is the process like?

We begin with a comprehensive consultation and facial assessment to ascertain if you are suitable for HIFU treatment. Then a customized treatment program will be drawn out which suits your skin needs.

Treatment process:

To ensure you experience a comfortable treatment process, a layer of numbing cream is applied on your face for half hour. After cleansing the face, HIFU treatment is applied. Patients will experience a warm and tingling sensation during the treatment. The face maybe mildly flushed post-treatment. This mild flush generally disappears within the day. As HIFU treatment has minimal downtime, you may return to work immediately after application of skincare and sunblock

How long after HIFU do I see results and what kind of results?

You may notice an initial effect of lifting and improved skin texture. Collagen tightening and regeneration is gradual, thus you will notice perceivable and sustained improvement in their faces over the next three months.

Results may vary from each person to another. Generally, patients 30+ to 50+ years old experience the most visible results. You will notice significant improvement in the
1. Jawline – lifted, firmer and more defined, achieving the slim V face
2. Cheeks are lifted and firmer with softening of the nasolabial folds.
3. Browline and upper eyelids are more lifted
4. Double chin is reduced with a more defined jawline
5. Skin laxity and sagginess is reduced
6. Wrinkles and lines are softened and reduced
Patients are generally very satisfied with the treatments

How often must I have HIFU treatments?

We recommend one treatment every 4 months in the 1st year, and maintainence treatment every 6 months subsequently. Treatment plans may be recommended by your doctor after a comprehensive consultation.

Can HIFU treatments be performed with other treatments?

HIFU treatment can be complemented with our Venus Viva Diamond Polar RF to further enhance the collagen tightening and regeneration of the skin. HIFU may be paired with our combi 2-in-1 laser treatments,  Aquashine, injection of REJURAN, skinboosters, dermal fillers or dysport to optimally rejuvenate your whole face.

What is the cost like?

HIFU treatment by area :

  • Cheeks $700
  • Lower face & jawline $700
  • Forehead & browline $700
  • Neck $1188

Package of 3 or 6 areas are available. Do whatsapp us at 87263383 to find out our package prices for HIFU

For more details about HIFU, please whatsapp us at 87263383. If you have other skin concerns as well, please do not hesitate to connect with us. Our informative and helpful team are available to assist you and obtain a consultation with our doctors.

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