Pigmentation Treatment

Melasma/ Freckles/ Hori Nevus/ Sun Spots
Are you spending lot of time and money on complex make-up to conceal pigmentation on your skin?
Help is at hand…

A detailed consultation is required to make an accurate diagnosis of the pigmentation, after which a holistic and personalised pigmentation treatment plan will be drawn up for you.
Express Laser treatment for melasma – 20 sessions @$1688
(add-on epidermal pigment laser $150, add-on neocollagen laser $80)
Combi 2-in-1 Laser Therapy – 40 sessions ( 20 Neocollagen Laser + 20 Toning Laser)  @$2399


Acne can be an embarrassing and disfiguring condition that can affect one’s self esteem and confidence.

Express Laser for Acne – 20 session @$1688
Acne Light Therapy – 20 session @$1388

Acne Scars and Blemishes

If you suffer from acne scars, they can be treated and diminished with excellent results!

Venus Viva Nano-fractional RF (Israeli Technology) for acne scars –10 sessions @$2999
Express Laser for acne scars – 10 sessions @$1688
Subcision – 3 sessions @$600
Acne scar fill from $680

Aging / Sagging Skin

Dull, lack-lustre, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, dehydrated…
Saggy skin with jowls, loss of volume of face….
“I want to look the best for my age…”
Turn back the clock and age gracefully.

HIFU (Non-Surgical Face Lift) – Jawline / Cheeks/ Eyes each part @$600 upwards *NEW*
Laser Skin Rejuvenation – 20 sessions @$1688
ClearLight therapy – 20 sessions @$1388
Israeli CORE technology RF Secret Lift Therapy – 10 sessions @$2200
Israeli CORE technology RF eye treatment – 10 sessions @$1999
Israeli Diamond Polar RF Facial – 10 sessions @ $1288
Aqua Shine Program – 3 sessions @ $1800 

Aqua Booster ( Korean Skin Booster) $350 upwards 
Hydra Clear Peel
Botox/ Dysport
Dermal Fillers
HydraGlow SkinBoosters
Chemical peels

Eyes Bags / Dark Eye Circles / Droopy Eyelids

They make me look tired, I hate my droopy eyelids / eyebags…

HIFU EyeLift – 3 sessions @$1800 

DIAMOND Polar RF eye treatment (dark eye circles/ droopy eyelids)  – 10 sessions @$1200
Rejuran Healer injection from $900

Apple Cheeks / V-Face/ Jaw Slimming

Want prominent chin? Higher cheeks or a feminine V-face?

Non-invasive safe options are available.

Latest Korean Rejuran Healer Injection ( PDRN from salmon DNA -natural filler / skin rejuvention)  – $900 upwards 

HIFU – Jawline Slimming 3 sessions @$1800 
Botox/Dysport for V-face shaping
Dermal Fillers for chin & cheek augmentation